Turn This Book Into a Beehive!: And 19 Other Experiments and Activities That Explore the Amazing World of Bees (Paperback)

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Turn This Book Into a Beehive!: And 19 Other Experiments and Activities That Explore the Amazing World of Bees Cover Image
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Staff Reviews

This book is truly amazing! I had the good fortune to get to hear this lovely author speak at my son's school and I learned so much. Not only will you discover a ton about how cool bees are but you will also be able to make a real bee hive! Mason bees are all around us, don't sting, and are vital helpers to gardens. This book is full of fun experiments, fascinating info and did I mention you get to make a bee hive! Using the cover and paper supplies in the back the bee hive is simple and easy to make and the bees will come to you. Check it out! — From Patti H.


The Real Buzz on Bees

What a promise Actually, promises. First, here's a book that teaches kids all about the fascinating world of bees. Second, fun exercises, activities, and illustrations engage the imagination and offer a deeper understanding of bee life and bee behavior. Third, by following a few simple steps including removing the book's cover and taping it together, readers can transform the book into an actual living home for backyard bees. Fourth, added all together, Turn This Book Into a Beehive lets kids make a difference in the world--building a home where bees can thrive is one small but critical step in reversing the alarming trend of dwindling bee populations.

Written by Lynn Brunelle, author of Pop Bottle Science, whose gift for making science fun earned her four Emmy Awards as a writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy, Turn This Book Into a Beehive introduces kids to the amazing mason bee, a non-aggressive, non-stinging super-pollinator that does the work of over 100 honeybees. Mason bees usually live in hollow reeds or holes in wood, but here's how to make a home just for them: Tear out the perforated paper--each illustrated as a different room in a house--roll the sheets into tubes, enclose the tubes using the book's cover, and hang the structure outside. The bees will arrive, pack mud into the tubes, and begin pollinating all the plants in your backyard.

Twenty experiments and activities reveal even more about bees--how to smell like a bee, understand the role of flowers and pollen, learn how bees communicate with each other through "dance," and more. It's the real buzz on bees, delivered in the most ingenious and interactive way.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781523501410
ISBN-10: 1523501413
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Publication Date: May 15th, 2018
Pages: 192
Language: English