Alvin Horn - Bad Before Good & Those In Between

Zelda Harjo’s life has been in a constant tailspin due to family she loved and lost, as well as hidden family secrets. She has injected herself into other folk’s families, and that has left her with consequences which torture her soul. How do we accept doing wrong sometimes in order to make things right in life? 

Zelda has street fighter skills, the expertise of a hustler, and a strong work ethic. Everything that’s good and bad about her can and has crossed over into her sensual fires, sometimes resulting in bad decisions. She is not above compromising in mixing the good with the bad to go with her deep sense of morality that drives her in the right directions, but sometimes the mixture is done too late. 

Her family ties are rooted in cryptic secret relations, leaving her feeling incomplete and struggling with how to move forward in life. A Black and Native American woman, Zelda is beautiful; but she doesn’t feel feminine or attractive even though others lust after her. She does, however, use the strength of both sides of her heritage to assist her in seeing inside of people in order to help her survive.

With a surprise opportunity, Zelda’s future seems to be changing, but lust, thievery, and mayhem seem to be always a hop, skip, and a leap away as she faces the legacy of her bloodline, and the reality of its dysfunctionality. Family lies, deception, and secrets all come to light in Bad Before Good & Those In-Between. 

Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn has lived, breathed the Northwest air, and floated in all the nearby rivers and streams leading to the Pacific Ocean. As in the stories of Hemingway, the poetry of Langston Hughes, and the novels of Walter Mosley, their writings – as well as Alvin’s – are all byproducts of their childhood environments and their subsequent travels. Alvin’s African-American experiences in his Emerald City background, shines through in his poetry, short stories, and novels.