Bryan Johnston - The Second Meanest Man in the World

Something’s wrong in the Emerald City.

People are acting very un-Seattle-ish. They jaywalk. Don’t recycle. Use umbrellas. And perhaps most troubling of all, they’re making, and keeping eye-contact with strangers. And it’s not going unnoticed.

Seattle newspaper columnist Stewart Street smells a story, and is cozying up with every Northwest mover and shaker to get to the bottom of it.

Gertrude, Ketchikan the Animal Man, Officer Paddy Wagon, Leroy Frump, Mr. X. R. Cize, Charlie Can Do, The Swami of Pastrami, Dingbatman, Zenobia (gasp), Miss Smith, Ggoorrsstt, Sturdly the Bookworm, the Clown himself, and of course, Boris S. Wort, the second meanest man in the world—they all play a part in the greatest crisis the city has ever known. Right up there with the Mercer Mess reconfiguration, which didn’t do a damn thing.

The clock is ticking, and Street hits the pavement, in a race against time. Can he crack this baffling case before the situation reaches critical mass, and rips the city apart, like a floral print romper caught between two Walmart shoppers at a Black Friday sale?

Will Seattle become New York West?

Bryan Johnston is a born and bred Seattleite (Lake Forest Park, specifically). Along with being an 11-time Emmy award winning writer and video producer, he is also the author of two other Seattle-centric books: JP Patches: Northwest Icon, and Almost Live: The Show that Wouldn’t Die. His one wish is that the Mariners win the World Series before he dies.