Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation is an inspiring collection of stories and photographs that capture what it means to live, work, love, and resist in America―from the Facebook group with millions of engaged and impassioned members. In honor of its release, Third Place Books will be hosting an evening with Pantsuit Nation, featuring storytelling, resource-sharing, and community action. Come celebrate the power of collective storytelling, and meet some of the contributors to the Pantsuit Nation book, leaders of local progressive non-profit organizations, and fellow members of the resistance.

In October 2016, Maine resident Libby Chamberlain created a “secret” Facebook group encouraging a handful of friends to wear pantsuits to the polls. Overnight, the group of thirty exploded to 24,000 members. By November 8, the group was three million strong. Since Pantsuit Nation’s inception, its members have shared personal stories that illustrate the complexities of living in a vibrant, oftentimes contentious democracy. Members turn to Pantsuit Nation as a place of refuge and inspiration, where marginalized voices are amplified, faces are put to political decisions, resources are shared, and activism is ignited. It is a dynamic, diverse community united by an unwavering commitment to building a more just, inclusive world.

Now, hundreds of Pantsuit Nation members have contributed their stories and photographs to form this extraordinary book. An indelible testament to the idea that change comes first from the heart, and that the surest way to move a heart is to tell a story, Pantsuit Nation is a portrait of a moment in history and a rallying cry for our time.


"There are a lot of ways to create change — as we have seen time and again through the stories of our members, some who have been politically active since long before the election, some who are newly inspired to activism by recent events. You can run for office. You can donate money to impactful organizations or campaigns that align with your values. You can #grabyourwallet and boycott brands or companies that don’t align with your values. You can march. You can volunteer in your community. You can make a meal for someone. You can show up to a town hall or make a phone call or write a postcard. You can offer a bed or a warm coat or a clean shower. You can donate your expertise. You can make art. You can educate. You can vote. (Please vote.)
What Pantsuit Nation has proven to us, and what Hillary and others have echoed, is that stories have an essential role in this constellation of actions. The explosive growth of the group and the stamina it has shown over the past five months to stay relevant and maintain momentum are further evidence that stories aren’t just pleasant distractions on the sidelines of the fight for justice. They are at the heart of it."
Libby Chamberlain, Founder and Executive Director, Pantsuit Nation
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By Libby Chamberlain (Editor)
ISBN: 9781250153326
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Published: Flatiron Books - May 9th, 2017