Tracie Frank Mayer - Incompatible with Nature

In the summer of 1984, Tracie Frank Mayer, a young black American woman, uproots herself from family, friends and life as she knows it when she marries a German man and moves to his country.

Though not understanding the language is unsettling enough, twelve days after her anxiously awaited child's birth, her psychological balance tumbles fully into despair: "There is no surgery to save him," the doctors explain to her husband in German. "Let your baby die," they say to her in broken English.

Their son, Marc was born with Heterotaxy Syndrome; essentially a two chambered heart rather than four, an extremely rare and fatal condition.

Battling her husband, the doctors who don't believe Marc can survive, his innumerable infections as well as her own fears, she does her level best to hold on in the maelstrom while doing all she can to ensure that her son has a chance at life.

Passionate, emotional and at times humorous, this story is an unflinching account of love, rebellion and resilience. An inspirational story of one woman facing overwhelming adversity while holding on to her faith as she fights not only for her son's life and helps him win his battle, but also her own her own and survives.

This story with its triumphantly happy ending will indeed give hope and encouragement to anyone facing any battle not of his or her own choosing.

Tracie Frank Mayer celebrates life. Tracie was born in Seattle, Washington, to a beauty queen and a gifted entrepreneurial father, who courted her mother with a winning smile and the flash of a canary yellow Cadillac. Residing in Cologne, Germany since 1984, Tracie has worked as a writer, blogger, lyricist, public speaker, and real estate investor. Talk with Tracie, her English language coaching business, is popular with German natives hoping to improve their English conversation skills. As a bi-lingual moderator, Tracie’s most recent engagements include her work as a juror and moderator for Das Goldene Stadttor –The Golden City Gate – an internationally recognized multimedia competition at ITB, the world’s largest travel trade fair in Berlin, Germany (March, 2016). She was a guest speaker and fundraiser on behalf of the Austrian and German Children’s Protective Agencies at the 2016 Vienna Film Ball in Austria. In June, 2016, Tracie served as a juror at the 2016 Miss Giessen/Miss Germany beauty pageant. In October 2016, she served as juror at the 2016 Miss Marburg/Miss Germany beauty pageant. Among her many pursuits, Tracie supports various charitable organizations, including die Elterninitiative Herzkranker Kinder, Köln e.V. (Parents Initiative for Children with Heart Disease of Cologne), the Ronald McDonald House in Cologne, Ärzte für Ethiopia (Doctors for Ethiopia), the Elternhilfe for Kinder mit Rett Syndrome in Deutschland (parents’ support group for children with Rett Syndrome), and the VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde (VITA Assistant Dogs Organization). Tracie is an active member of the American International Women’s Club of Cologne, a social organization that supports the international community in Cologne and raises funds for a variety of philanthropic projects focused on women’s rights. Together with her sister Dana, who resides in Seattle, Washington, Tracie writes an upbeat blog—Menopausebarbees—about the meaning, madness, and magic of middle age. You can visit their blog at Tracie loves reading, the cinema, working out at the gym, and traveling. She loves pink, but she will wear any color.