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Latest Staff Picks

At 42 years old, a 500-page biography naturally seems a bit premature in telling his complete life story, but Tiger's life since birth has truly been extraordinary. Not just for golf fans, this book reads like a Shakespearean tragedy. Absolutely one of the most compelling biographies I've reads in a long time. 

Picked by Kalani

A short novel with just a couple characters, this is the perfect type of book to take on a weekend trip. Spanning several years of Adam and Anita's increasingly mundane marriage, their artistic creativity is re-awoken when the mysterious immigrant, Adele, is hired as their nanny. While only 150-pages, the book provides a thought-provoking study on heavy themes like love, marriage, friendship, art, and culture. 

Picked by Kalani

When you venture into the pages of a time-traveling, plague-ridden dystopian nightmare, you come to expect a visceral exploration of what it takes ot survive in an unforgivable world. 

What you don't expect is to become deeply invested in the love story that unfolds in flashbacks and written so intimately that it almost feels like intruding.

Picked by Sarah C.

Spanning 50 non-linear years, this poetically written novel is one of the best debuts of the year. Told from multiple points-of-voices, the characters in this book struggle to heal after a devastating tragedy destroys their small town Idaho life. Beautifully written, Emily Ruskovich is an exciting new name in the literary world of the Pacific Northwest.

Picked by Kalani

This is a great love epic stripped of all its finery, down to its bare bones. Shraya weaves a story of love and lust with Hindu mythology to create a story that is as emotionally raw and fierce as it is tender, reading it is like unwrapping layers and layers of delicious fruit. 

Picked by Courtney

Rather than spin, I find Novik brilliantly weaves this tale, crossing contrasting threads to create a gorgeous tapestry. A wintry world, malevolent fairy creatures, a starving family, a cursed king, and in the middle of it all Miryem, a young Jewish woman forced to take over her father’s money-lending livelihood when his sentimentality leaves her family destitute. This is more than a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, it is a tale worthy of praise all on its own.

Picked by Ashley

These simple words and beautiful illustrations capture perfectly what it is to be a cat lover. Joys so insignificant and enormous at the exact same time. "When you love a cat, you are chosen, over and over again, each day, for a lifetime." Guh. I'm not crying! You are!!!

Picked by Erin

From The Blurry Years:

"I thought to myself how dangerous it could be to set your value at what you thought you might deserve."

This fervent coming-of-age novel is moving, honest and full of casually profound observations of the human animal.

Picked by Wesley

Julian is a mermaid - of this there is no doubt. But how will this identity expression be met by his family? This is a question we get to explore through this book's resplendent watercolor illustrations and streamlined story. It's about the transformative power of loving acceptance during pivotal moments of self-doubt. For the mermaid in all of us. 

Picked by Dean