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This is, through and through, an adventure tale. Mild-mannered headmaster loses his wife and belongings to the treacherous thieving throng at the base of the Tower of Babel. He must climb the tower to find her. Shenanigans obviously ensue. I was quickly charmed by not only the ever-changing scenery of the Tower, but by the wonderful cast of characters (including a few truly kick-ass women). This airship may take a while to heat up, but there are plenty of diversions along the way - and once it does, you'll be hooked. 

Picked by Kitri

A hypnotic, witchy tale of a woman's desultory search for her estranged husband who has gone missing in Greece, A Separation is an enigmatically seductive narrative whose gauzy embrace draws easy comparisons to Delillo (or his innumerable acolytes). It is a powerfully engrossing quagmire and its misty atmosphere of isolation and dread-infused emotional riddles are truly haunting. 

Picked by Wesley

Though this book is short, it is nothing short of profound. Meg was my first fictional hero, and she taught me something fundamentally important: that you can be flawed and still be a hero. You can be angry and amazing, full of fear and love at the same time, and all of those layers stack together to make you strong. A book to combat darkness, in all its forms.

Picked by Niki

George's titular character is a transgender 4th grade girl whose unwavering faith in herself provides a model for all readers to aspire to. The supportive relationship that George has with her best friend Melissa assures readers that, with friends who encourage you to be your most authentic self, anything is possible. 

Picked by Niki

Today is as good a day as any to rewire your brain and Erickson is definitely the writer for the job.

Let go of any notions you may have about what fiction can or should do and enjoy watching an innovative writer explore the outermost boundaries of storytelling.

Picked by Wesley

A drowning. A birth. A conversation with a killer. These are all moments when O'Farrell's story could have ended.

When I was nine I had my on brush with death. I'd lingered too long chatting with my bus driver, and the man behind the bus got impatient. Just as I went to step off, a blue of red, a rush of air sweeping my hair to the side. The bus driver was furious, but I was perplexed. As O'Farrell's memoir unfurled with lyrical anecdotes of her possible demises, I couldn't help but relive mine as well. Death is never far, but sometimes we slip its grasp for a moment, safe until our next encounter. 

Picked by Ashley

Kickbutt protagonist Abbie has superpowers that get her in trouble wherever she goes, but she's trying to return her mother's ashes to her homeland. Magruder's art style shifts seamlessly from lush and expansive to quirky and expressive as she respectively focuses on world- and character-building. For fans of Marjorie Liu, Faith Erin Hicks, and those who wish Cece Bell's El Deafo was set in a dystopian desert wasteland. 

Picked by Niki

Dedicated lovingly and joyfully to the art of the haircut, Crown celebrates the confidence and cool a fresh cut can lend to a kid's spirit. James's impressionist illustrations ooze with spunk and swoop with sureness, inspiring an infectious self-confidence. For best results, share aloud with reinvigorated aplomb!

Picked by Niki

A perfect pick for history buffs, animal lovers or anyone who enjoys Indiana Jones level adventure! Read about the courageous men who fought to keep priceless horses alive from the slaughter of starving Russian soldiers and the Nazi's obsession with eugenics and experimental breeding. These men who were the remaining champions and advocates for their horses, and their centuries old breeding programs, gambled with the occupying forces to buy time in hopes that the US military can prevent them all from being lost to the world forever. 

Picked by Nicole