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This story revolves around 14-year-old Marjorie, the eldest of two sisters and her increasingly bizarre and erratic behavior. Is it the onset of mental illness or full on demonic possession?? This books sends up the exhausted tropes of past exorcism tales whilst exploiting them to the benefit of the reader. It is a witty and creeptastic read with an homage to Shirley Jackson that left me reeling.

Picked by Dean

I started reading this series when I was 8, I am now 30 and I still re-read it and get new things out of it. Does your kid looove the Warriors series? Their mind will be blown by the world of Redwall. Imagine, if you will, an egalitarian community of woodland creatures who fight tyranny, go on epic quests, and throw the best parties with the most scrumptious and elaborate meals you've ever read about. 

Every creature, big or small, shy or outgoing, female or male, is valued and has an important role to play. Sometimes it's a formerly enslaved squirrel, or maybe a mute badger grandmother, or perhaps a young ottermaid who has perfect aim with a slingstone...

Picked by Anje

One of the best non-fiction books of the year. In alternating chapters that focus on past and present, Bauer elegantly lays out the brutal history of for-profit prisons in America, and writes about his experience both as a former prisoner and working as a guard in the private prison industry. This is an essential read for anyone interested in criminal justice or law enforcement.

Picked by Anje

Perhaps this topic calls for a stark, hard-hitting polemic. But Rosaira, addressing her Christian audience here, is more gracious than that. She not only issues a call for "radically ordinary hospitality"; she also carefully unfolds the biblical mandate for us while recounting numerous, interwoven and very personal anecdotes from the hospitality-laden fabric of her family's life. And it's obvious that that life is not an easy one. It's one of cross-bearing. After considering how discomfiting, sadly foreign, and attractive is Rosaria's portrait of hospitality, I'm reminded of Chesterton's famous lines: "The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.”  

Picked by Adam

Broadly speaking, I don't like Manga (sorry, not sorry), though Junji Ito has proven to be the exception, His tales are never dull, at times retch-inducing, and always ghastly. What more could a girl ask for??

Picked by Dean

"A little vitriol could make you feel human, give you the sense that you may be the kind of person who could break something on purpose, throw a plate at a wall just like that, just to prove a little human point."

Paralyzingly good stories ripe with perfect sentences.

Picked by Wesley

An incredibly touching memoir that explores family and race through the eyes of a Korean American adoptee on the brink of motherhood. Nicole Chung has written a geniune account of adoption and what it means to be a mother, a daughter, and a sister in a complicated family full of secrets. This is a beautiful, emotional book that would be great to share with a family member.

Picked by Kalani

On 9/11 the people of Gander Newfoundland put their lives on hold and opened up their homes to help 6,000 stranded airline passengers when the U.S. airspace was shut down. 

They affirmed the basic goodness of man at a time when it was easy to doubt such humanity still existed.

Picked by Patti J.

From Pee Wee dropout, to the NFL sidelines and the assistant to Pete Carroll the Seattle Seahawks head coach.

This book is classified as Religion but could also be classified as a sports book. Fast and inspirational read.

Picked by Patti J.