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As someone who grew up in an Asian-American family in Southern California (Rowland Heights/Diamond Bar, anyone?) and then in Beijing (7 years) and Taipei (2 years), this is pretty much a book of recipes from my childhood.

I mean, you definitely can't get the full experience of shouting your order for jianbing over the sounds of thousands of people and cars surrounding to the woman masterfully throwing eggs with one hand on a 20" gas-powered skillet propped on the back of a cart outside the subway station at 7am in a city forever cloaked in smog, but this comes pretty close.

Picked by Avery

I love everything about My Lesbian Experience. Nagata is extremely open about her struggle with mental illness and unfulfilled need for human connection in a resoundingly familiar way for anyone with any sort of developmental disorders or social anxiety. The traditional manga-style drawings help to further convey her sense of mental infancy that is at odds with her physical body and societal expectations - a feeling that isn't explored much outside of studies on autism. A highly empathetic must-read, especially for anyone interested in "abnormal" human psyche.

Picked by Avery

Shel Silverstein for adults. Perfect for those days when you feel like shit and can't muster up the (physical) energy to do anything but lay in bed, or the (mental) energy to love yourself.

Wonderfully therapeutic in its gallows humor and satirization of anxiety.

Picked by Avery

If Llewellyn’s collection of short stories was a dating profile it might read: 

Goth seeks kinky Aquarius who’s probably weirder than you. Into horror, Lovecraft and long, sullen silences while staring deeply into your soul. A keen sense for short stories and the unexpected is a plus. 

This you? If so, I’d definitely recommend checking out this collection weird and horrifying shorts.    

Picked by Garrett

A short but sweet story of two unconventional princesses discovering themselves and their happily ever after: Princess Amira, valiantly brave and with kick-butt hair, and Princess Sadie, warmhearted, problem-solver, and beloved by all.

AKA, my two favorite princesses.

Picked by Avery

Valente does a fantastic job creating colorful, delicious voices for scorned women sacrificed in order to further the storylines of popular superheroes. Feels like Chicago's "Cell Block Tango," and you can almost hear the noir-ish saxophone behind each story. 

Picked by Michelle

I was psyched when I heard about this collaboration between two of my favorite masters of dry humor in kids' lit. And it's a SUCCESS.

I really wish I could meet Niles in real life. He's kind of a mastermind who can make any scheme go down, with the suavity of James Bond and the quirks and optimism of Dr. Who.

Picked by Michelle


Six people wake up in a spaceship to see their own gruesomely murdered bodies floating in the air around them. Since everyone else is either asleep or a million light years away, they only have each other to suspect. This is a fun, thought-provoking page-turner that keeps heaping on the suspense.

Picked by Rich

If Grindr/Tinder were a book, this book would be it. A fantastic look into gay hookup/dating culture in today's workd in the age of the Smart Phone; each story is its own, but all weave together to map out the paths that characters take and the web of relationships they form.

Seriously though... this book is too real.

Picked by Avery