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"brown is not a barrier   you are and when you say don't play the race card

you mean don't call me white"

To my fellow POC: Read this, then give it to your white friends to read.

To all the white folks: If there's one book of poetry you read this year, or in your entire lifetime, read this one.

Picked by Avery

A kind of part Da Vinci Code, part 50 Shades, minus the abusive boyfriend and terrible writing. Entirely shocking, brazenly lush, and on a whole 'nother level of sociopathic behavior that still managed to catch me off guard when I was thoroughly expecting it. This definitely isn't a book for everyone - it's ruthless, ambitious, and erotic in a way that will inspire and disgust you... but in the best way, as only books can do.

Picked by Avery

I first discovered Cam through a video a friend shared with me, and knew immediately that I had to have his book. I wasn't wrong.

Transit made my heart pound and sent shivers across my entire body and all the other cliché reactions to a thing so moving and even now I feel myself tearing up just thinking about it. Lyrically beautiful and profoundly harrowing, every word carries the weight of the struggles of being a queer black person in America today. A modern masterpiece that is not to be missed.

Picked by Avery

A simple book about making mistakes [in art], but not letting them get in the way of creative process.

Or, in the words of Bob Ross, "There are no mistakes, only happy accidents."

Picked by Avery

[After reading There Are More Beautiful Things Than Beyonce] I feel like I took a trip that I have yet to come back from.

Even if you haven't had a quarter of the life experiences detailed in her book, all of y'all sensitive people will invariably be overcome with emotion. Parker's writing straddles that unique borderland between good writing and therapy.

Picked by Garrett

Anne Fadiman's writing serves as a candid examination of a severely epileptic child's journey through a culturally unresponsive healthcare system.

A necessary and engaging read that calls into question your own understanding of the American refugee experience and assimilation.


Picked by Garrett


So as I was reading Firebug, I found myself snapping pictures of parts of it to send to my girlfriend, the writing was so good. Before I was even halfway through it (about 15 pics later), she had insisted that I get her her own copy, which she proceeded to devour and demand that I get her the sequel (Pyromantic). 24 hours later, I get a text:

"Is there going to be another sequel?"

Picked by Avery

Sarah Kay is phenomenal, both on stage and on page.

She might also be the least pretentious poet I've ever read (or heard).

Picked by Avery

Looking for the perfect graduation gift for that young woman in your life, but don't want to go for the clichéd Oh, the Places You'll Go? Look no further, for Sarah Kay's The Type is the foolproof book of inspiration and affirmation with beautiful illustrations accompanying powerful words (and, you're guaranteed not to have the same gift as anyone else! Not to mention brownie points for Sarah Kay.)

Picked by Avery