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Valente does a fantastic job creating colorful, delicious voices for scorned women sacrificed in order to further the storylines of popular superheroes. Feels like Chicago's "Cell Block Tango," and you can almost hear the noir-ish saxophone behind each story. 

Picked by Michelle

I was psyched when I heard about this collaboration between two of my favorite masters of dry humor in kids' lit. And it's a SUCCESS.

I really wish I could meet Niles in real life. He's kind of a mastermind who can make any scheme go down, with the suavity of James Bond and the quirks and optimism of Dr. Who.

Picked by Michelle


Six people wake up in a spaceship to see their own gruesomely murdered bodies floating in the air around them. Since everyone else is either asleep or a million light years away, they only have each other to suspect. This is a fun, thought-provoking page-turner that keeps heaping on the suspense.

Picked by Rich

If Grindr/Tinder were a book, this book would be it. A fantastic look into gay hookup/dating culture in today's workd in the age of the Smart Phone; each story is its own, but all weave together to map out the paths that characters take and the web of relationships they form.

Seriously though... this book is too real.

Picked by Avery

While some might decry Herman’s book as just another booshie art criticism or preachy self-help book, it really is neither.

Visual Intelligence isn’t asking you solve a specific problem in your life...Herman just offers exercises to get you to examine and expand the way you view the world, all in turn making you a more perceptive, better listening and more empathetic individual. 

I highly recommend this book.   

Picked by Garrett

Nicole Georges' workds speak straight to the soul, and especially so in Fetch, her new graphic memoir about a misbehaving dog that she rescued at 16 and who, in turn, rescued her over the next 15 years. Extremely heartfelt and moving, Fetch is an empathetically told tale that all dog-lovers can respect and find comfort in.

Picked by Avery

When an unarmed black teenager, Kahlil, is shot and killed by police during a traffic stop, his childhood best friend, Starr, is the only witness to his death, aside from the cop who killed him. After Khalil’s death, Starr is thrown into a world in which hashtags bring recognition but not justice. She is forced to confront the reactions and inactions of white society and the reality of the injustice that plagues black life in this country. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, this fictional story is a poignant and necessary exploration of police brutality and racism in today’s America.

Picked by Kim

When a media-celebrity-turned-tyrant ascends to prominence, he brings about the apocalyptic destruction of our world. Only an elite class of the human race is able to escape the catastrophic effects on our planet, fleeing to a pseudo-life on a space-station, where their individuality and sexuality are strictly regulated by the fascist regime. Within this societal pressure, a movement is born in which heroes burn and bodies become the ultimate artistic canvas. Lidia Yuknavitch depicts a world that is both uniquely alien and terrifyingly close to home in this phenomenal re-imagining of the Joan of Arc story.

Picked by Kim

The hunter becomes the hunted in this amazing story set in the Siberian Taiga. Vaillant brings in-depth reporting to this tale of survival. This is a story that you will want to tell people about while you are reading it.

Picked by Bernie