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Frankenstein's Monster's Monster's Monster

Frankenstein is a true macabre classic that we as a society cannot get enough of. From horror films to Halloween costumes, Frankenstein and its themes of man vs. creation, good vs. evil, Frankenstein vs. Frankenstein’s monster is forever entwined in our literary and popular culture. Reanimating the dead and combining body parts from different corpses to make a new body continues to fascinate us.

Here are some book suggestions that reimagine and explore Mary Shelley’s timeless tale 


Backlist Books We're Going To Read This Year (We Promise!)

I’ve heard from various half-joking internet book lovers that obtaining books and reading books are separate hobbies. Now, I’m not quite willing to concede absolute truth to this observation, but I can definitely promise that we booksellers – and I’m willing to bet some of you as well – have some backlist titles that have been waiting around on our shelves, bedside tables, and in stacks by our doors to be read. 

What to Read After Watching Saltburn

So you just watched Saltburn, and you’re looking for something else decadent and deranged? Luckily for you the decadent and deranged are some of fiction's favorite subjects. 

Here are sixteen books to read after watching Saltburn:


Our Bestselling Books of 2023

Happy New Year! 

Before we turn our attention to all the exciting 2024 book releases waiting for us on the horizon, let’s take a minute to look back on the great books you all bought in 2023. 

Nine Books for a Cozy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and as much as I love to be terrified, even I have to admit there’s nothing quite like cuddling up to enjoy something autumnal, a little spooky, and unlikely to give me nightmares. So if you’re looking for a cozy Halloween, with some gentle spooks, and a lot of fun, here are some books for you!


Reading Pathways: Romance

It’s August, my favorite month of the year, because this month independent bookstores celebrate Romance books and all things related to its writing, publishing, and selling. There’s all sorts of statistics and data I could share on the popularity of Romance, the rise and evolution of the content, and much more. Instead, I’d like to focus on the fact that many wonderful, popular, Third Place staff-loved titles straddle genres. Chances are, if you’ve loved what we have recommended in our stores, there’s a Romance for your tastes.

Book Bingo 2023

Do you miss the days of checking off a book for summer reading? Do you want to reclaim those days where you had to read during your summer break off from school? Do you just need an excuse to read? Well, you're in luck! Seattle Arts & Lectures and the Seattle Public Library announced on May 25th the squares for this year's Summer Book Bingo. 

Be Obsessive, Be Be Obsessive

Growing up I was fascinated by popular culture featuring obsession. The 2004 film Phantom of the Opera was viewed many times in my household. Helga’s obsession with Arnold in the Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold! was and is one of my favorite television plots. My cousin and I must have watched the 2009 masterpiece Obsessed starring Idris Elba, Beyoncé Knowles and Ali Larter (in which Ali Larter’s character is obsessed with Idris Elba’s character who is married to Beyoncé’s character) a dozen times. I was obsessed with obsession!

No The Places You'll Go

If you've graduated from something, there's a good chance you received a certain book. And if you're trying to find a gift for a current graduate there's also a good chance that someone else has already bought this book.

Here are some different ideas.



Dracula Daily

Happy first week of Dracula Daily for those who celebrate!

For the uninitiated, Dracula is an epistolary novel, told via letters, diaries, and telegrams that are all dated between May and November. Dracula Daily is a Substack which sends you an email with the content that occurs on each appropriate day. As a result, you read Dracula a little at a time over the course of six months, right in your email. 


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