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Music Books that Are NOT About the Beatles

Listen - I *like* the Beatles. I watched all 8+ hours of the Get Back documentary over a course of two weekends and took meticulous notes on every outfit George Harrison wore while strutting into Apple Studios (that rainbow lilac pinstripe! that pilgrim hat! his little bright red jumper!), and converted into a temporary Paul fan after years of scowling every time his face popped up. Their influence on music cannot be denied, even to this day. 

Summer Reading Bingo

I don't want to alarm you but you have approximately 77 days. That is 77 days until the end of the world or the end of Book Bingo which is basically the same thing. Put on by Seattle Arts & Lectures and the Seattle Public Library, every year you are given 25 squares (+ one free space!) to help guide your summer reading. Read a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line and get a bingo for a chance to win a gift card from an independent bookstore like us!

Poetry All Year

We're well past poetry month now, but I am here to remind you: poetry knows no such thing as calendars. Poems are for the rainy Spring Tuesdays, for the slow drives to work, for the warm, crepuscular nights that mean summer has finally arrived. Poetry is forever! 

Booksellers Recommend: LGBTQIA+ Reads

In honor of Pride month, I asked Third Place booksellers to recommend some of their recent favorite LGBTQIA+ reads. 


Book Recommendations for Picky Shakespearians

Here’s the thing. There are so many recommendations out there for what you should read based on your favorite Shakespeare play. And since Shakespeare is one of the most well-known playwrights, as well as being credited with the invention of over 1,700 words, it makes total sense! In fact, we just put out a blog post about some fantastic Shakespeare adaptations that you should check out. But what if none of those recommendations hit home for you? Maybe you need a break from Shakespeare’s tropes and are looking for something that’s the complete opposite.

How to Get Into. . . Junji Ito

As book readers, there are a lot of common problems we universally run into: our ever growing and (dangerously) tilting TBR pile, using scraps of trash and old receipts as makeshift bookmarks, going into Third Place Books to buy one book and leaving with seven... we've all been there!

Novels in Verse

I was introduced to the novel in verse in college by way of my Literary Theory class. My professor assigned us Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson and it completely changed the way I read fiction, as well as poetry. 

Poetry Favorites for Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! Maybe this is your favorite month of the year, maybe you haven’t read a poem since having to memorize The Road Less Traveled in middle school, or maybe you’re somewhere in between (if you’re looking for a place to start, check out Allie’s earlier post on the blog). It’s no secret that poetry can be one of the most intimidating literary genres.

Celebrate Shakespeare Day!

Hail and well met, good reader! April 23rd is upon us once again: Shakespeare Day! 

Everything I Know About Poetry

It’s April, which means it’s National Poetry Month, which gives me an excuse to write about poetry. 

If you are a person who read excuse to write about poetry and settled in happily to read about one of your favorite subjects – I’m very sorry, this post isn’t really for you. Also, I may insult your favorite poet in a couple paragraphs. Again, apologies. Feel free to defend them in the comments.  


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