The Coolest History Books You Didn't Know Existed

The phrase "History book" might give you flashbacks to high school social studies classes, but there's more to the subject than the dates and figures you memorized while sitting at a desk. The past is replete with astonishing and hilarious tales, and the origins or impact of everyday items might surprise you. From the sticky story of the Great Molasses Flood or the *ahem* hare-raising tale of Mary Toft, who supposedly gave birth to rabbits, browsing the history section can provide you with countless anecdotes, but sometimes you see something so intriguing you're compelled to keep reading. 

So to save you from going too far down a wiki rabbit hole, we've gathered some curiosity-piquing titles that made us want to learn more. And not to mention, if you have any history buffs in your life you could easily use any of these books as a unique and fun holiday gift.