Dracula Daily

Happy first week of Dracula Daily for those who celebrate!

For the uninitiated, Dracula is an epistolary novel, told via letters, diaries, and telegrams that are all dated between May and November. Dracula Daily is a Substack which sends you an email with the content that occurs on each appropriate day. As a result, you read Dracula a little at a time over the course of six months, right in your email. 

I believe this is the third year of Dracula Daily, but it will be my first year participating. I discovered its existence late because of all the excellent memes that cropped up around mid June, but bookseller Sarah B successfully read all of Dracula last year and described it as getting a fun little daily update from an eccentric friend. 

It’s completely free, so go sign up here and join the thousands of other readers for six months of spooky updates from your new bestie Jonathan Harker about his trip to a Transylvanian castle. 

And in case you need more convincing, here’s a sample of the aforementioned memes (yes, I’m still on tumblr occasionally)