Feeling Boxed In

It's getting tough out there, or in there. While being stuck at home, it seems like we're busier than ever. Working. Baking bread. Watching all of Ozark. Zoom happy hours. Training our dogs to jump over stacked rows of toliet paper.

And then there are those of you with bored kids and cats on your hands. Kids can't go to school. Cats can't go outside. And you don't want to overload them on screen time. Plus cats don't really use phones.

BUT! You know what will work for both those crowds??? BOXES!!! Kids love boxes. Cats love them more! And we've got all the boxes you need, in book form obviously. Here's a collection of some of the best box-themed kids books out there. And if you order any of them, they'll come in an actual box...for the cat.