A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

Buying books for book lovers can be deceptively difficult! Sure, you can buy them a book off their wish list, but anyone can buy a book off someone’s wish list! We’re looking for something personal, something with a little bit more pizzazz. 

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas for the book lovers in your life. 

1. Read their favorite book 
Arguably, there is no greater gift in the world than taking a book lovers’ recommendation and being able to share in their book-ish enthusiasm. So, if there’s a book your book lover is obsessed with, that they’ve been trying to get you to read for months, now’s the time to finally read it. But what will you give them when it’s time to exchange gifts? Never fear, that’s the best part – you give them the book you’ve been desperately trying to convince them to read! It’s a gift for both of you!


2. In Case of ______, Unwrap
The idea here is to give a handful of individually wrapped books which are perfect to read under specific circumstances, to be opened when those circumstances arise. For example, you might wrap up a copy of Inciting Joy by Ross Gay and label it In Case of Bad Day, Unwrap. The more creative and personal your selections are, the better. What book would you recommend for a bad day? Or on a beach vacation? Or for a long flight? Is there something coming up for them that you have the perfect book for? Plus, you’re also giving the gift of opening presents throughout the year, and who can say no to that?


3.  Book Subscription Box
I know this might seem a bit obvious, but who doesn’t want to get packages of books every couple months all year long? There are loads of subscriptions to explore, but obviously I’m partial to our book subscription box, the Signed First Editions Club. In the last couple years we’ve included books like Crying in H-Mart by Michelle Zauner, Town of Babylon by Alejandro Valera and All's Well by Mona Awad, and they’re all – you guessed it – signed first editions. We put a lot of love into choosing the books that go into these boxes, so it’s possible I’m biased, but I think this is a great gift for the Lit-Fic fans in your life. 


4. Annotate a book for them
Annotated books are treasure under any circumstances, but imagine opening a book from someone dear and finding it full of highlighting and marginalia, all speaking directly to you. This is a great gift played totally straight, with earnest observations about a beloved book, but it’s just as good – and very funny – if you annotate a book you both loathe. 


5. Libro.fm Subscription
This is another pretty obvious suggestion, but I can’t help it -- I love audiobooks so much. I listen to them in the car, while cooking, while cleaning, while walking my dog. They’re a way to fill tragically book-less moments with books. Libro.fm lets you gift bundles of audiobooks, and support independent bookstores while you’re at it. Choose to support their favorite local indie bookstore to add a personal touch!