Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction: Part 1

A while back, a customer came in and asked me, do you have any recommendations for non-fiction books that read like fiction? As someone who predominantly reads young adult, fantasy, and sci. fi. I was a bit of a deer in headlights and didn't have a quick answer. However, I wasn't going to leave this literary seeking stranger just standing there. So after running around to ask my fellow booksellers, I was able to show the customer a solid 3-4 titles (teamwork really does make the dream work people). But this customer question really stuck with me and got me thinking about non-fiction books in a new light especially after seeing what books my coworkers had recommended. 

I (someone who hadn't touched a non-fiction book since school) felt compelled to write each of those recommendations down and safely store them in my journal as they all sounded really interesting - a sentiment I had not previously felt towards non-fiction (to be honest, I bought two of those titles the very next day. It's very dangerous to work at a bookstore when you like books...).

Thus began my list of "non-fiction that reads like fiction" that I have been slowly adding to and researching for quite some time. There has been lots of combing through our shelves and bugging many of my fellow booksellers for recommendations. Each of these books craft a compelling narrative to tell a true story and prove that, more often than not, real life is stranger than fiction. Here is part 1 of that list.

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