Cancel Culture Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun (Hardcover)

Cancel Culture Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Winning the War on Fun By Jimmy Failla Cover Image
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You may know Jimmy Failla as the best dressed man in cable news. A force multiplier of positive energy on the radio who sounds like he gets paid in Tequila and Tide Pods. But he’s also a former New York City Taxi Driver who’s spent countless hours conversing with people from all over this planet and several planets you’ve never heard of.  It’s those chats with hobbits, hookers, and time travelers that fill The Cancel Culture Dictionary with the unique perspective and savage self-awareness we need to escape the outrage era society is stuck in. 

Let’s face it. Life in this country was WAY better before the Smart Phone came along and made us infinitely dumber. Social Media has turned our “shining city on a hill” into a Real Housewives episode on Bravo where every day is a constant cat fight about politics. Weaponized censorship and runaway speech policing has left many people unable to tell the difference between a comedian and a criminal. Although to be fair, sometimes they’re the same, in Bill Cosby’s case. 

But if there’s one thing we can all be sure of, it’s that spending the past 10 years with our faces glued to our phones has made us crankier, crazier, and much fatter, despite what the Instagram Filters show you.

This book is a collection of naughty jokes and nutty people whose stories guide us to a world where we don’t spend all day slugging it out on Twitter, X, or whatever dumb name Elon Musk gives it next time he gets stoned. No, it's not an actual dictionary, although the author should probably spend more time reading one. Think of it as a ridiculous roadmap to a time where life didn’t revolve around the Republican Party and the Democratic Party because we were all too focused on The Keg Party. And unlike other works devoted to the cancel craze, we'll show how the people who lost the most with each celebrity firing were everyday Americans who had nothing to do with it.

Cancel Culture and the outrage era have dragged us all into a war on fun. But this book is not a call to arms, girlfriend. If anything, it’s a call to chill the f**k out. 

So hop in, shut the door, and don’t waste time fiddling with the seatbelt. The way we’re about to drive, it can’t help you anyway. 


About the Author

Jimmy Failla is a comedian, radio host, TV contributor, and trophy husband. His nationally syndicated talk show, Fox Across America, can be heard on more than 150 radio stations, Fox Nation, and the Fox News App. He lives on Long Island, New York, with his wife, Jen, and his son, Lincoln. When he’s not opiating the masses with his wit and wisdom, he’s gambling on youth sports or bottoming out in his backyard with a rotating cast of showbiz figures.

Praise For…

“This book jacket is marginally more tasteful than the jackets its author wears (a low bar, to be fair). Nonetheless, I couldn’t be more proud of this joyful human who makes us laugh—and cringe—so much in Cancel Culture Dictionary. Jimmy!” — Dana Perino, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller And the Good News Is...

“On TV? Jimmy Failla calls himself the ratings fairy. After reading his book, I can confidently say he is a writing fairy. Tinker Bell with a typewriter.” — Jesse Watters

“Congrats to Jimmy Failla on a sensational book! Jimmy uses his unique style of humor to give the reader a real-world prospective of the nasty business of cancel culture.” — Sean Hannity, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Jimmy Failla is like a rocket about to take off. His live show made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. So, yes, buy this book, buckle up, and get ready for blastoff. This guy and his career are going to the moon! Cancel Culture Dictionary is what we all need right now: a good laugh, a reminder to take it all a little less seriously, and Jimmy’s artful way of hitting the funny but also striking a nerve where we all live. It’s okay to laugh! It’s a joke!” — Martha MacCallum

“With this book, Jimmy has done the impossible—making this evil cancel culture era we are living through funny! It’s apparent to me that Jimmy is just the Superman America needed to kill off this cancel plague before it destroys us all. On behalf of a grateful nation, I thank you. We all thank you.” — Brian Kilmeade

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