Who is the King in America? And Who are the Counselors to the King?: An Overview of 6,000 Years of History & Why America is Unique (Paperback)

Who is the King in America? And Who are the Counselors to the King?: An Overview of 6,000 Years of History & Why America is Unique By William J. Federer Cover Image
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Before you answer, do you know what the most common form of government in world history? From the invention of writing around 3,300 BC, the world has mostly been ruled by kings.

Though called by different names: Pharaohs, Chieftains, Emperors, Caesars, Sultans, Khans, Maharajas, Monarchs, and Dictators, they act the same.

Power, like gravity, concentrates into the hand of one person, who rewards his friends and punishes his enemies.

In Socialist and Communist countries, too, though professing equality, they inevitably end up being run by dictators.

The King of England was the most powerful king the planet had seen. When Americans got the chance, they set up a government as far from a king as possible.

They flipped it and put the people in charge.

A "republic" is where the people are king, ruling through their representatives.

The Constitution, in effect, is a collection of hurdles to prevent power from snapping back into the hands of a king.

Where did founders get their idea of people ruling themselves? -England's Magna Carta; -Roman Republic; -Athenian Democracy; and ultimately, -Ancient Israel.

Israel, during its initial 400 years out of Egypt, was the first well-recorded instance of a nation ruled without a king.

Did this influence colonial pastors who founded New England - a generation before Europe's Age of Enlightenment? You will be surprised

What ingredients are needed for a nation to function without a king? Is the God of Bible an integral part?

What is the difference between a democracy and a republic. How do they rise & fall?

Did political activists develop tactics to help them fall: Machiavelli, Robespierre, Hegel, Marx, & Alinsky?

Are these tactics being used in America today?

- Identify racial & class fault lines running through society.

- Fan real or perceived injustices into flames, creating tension & unrest.

- When domestic violence erupts, everyone is so desperate to have order restored they relinquish freedoms to the state.

How is domestic unrest created? Agitators, labor organizers, community organizers, agent provocateurs provoking agents].

Former Presidential political advisor David Axelrod explained in a NPR interview, April 19, 2010: "In Chicago, there was an old tradition of throwing a brick through your own campaign office window, and then calling a press conference to say that you've been attacked."

Forty-five countries fell to communist dictators this way.

Joseph Stalin stated: "Crisis alone permitted the authorities to demand - and obtain - total submission and all necessary sacrifices from its citizens."

Discover the keys to defeating these tactics and preserving the freedoms of America's republic

Surprising answers, and more, are in the book "Who is the King in America? And Who are the Counselors to the King?-An Overview of 6,000 Years of History & Why America is Unique."

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