The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson (Paperback)

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This complete compendium of Emily Dickenson's poetry offers the reader a vivid portrait of one of Massachusetts' most famous and enigmatic poets. Although a greatly talented writer, Emily Dickenson lived most of her life in private seclusion, in contrast to the culture of the time which emphasized community and socializing. Throughout her life, Emily's family ensured her care and comfort; she lived a life characterized by quiet self-seclusion. Emily's early life ensured a great standard of education, with her aunts in particular noting her inclination toward musical and literary interests. Contemporary scholars generally agree that Emily Dickenson's isolation was chiefly the result of a persistent depression. The death of a school principal she admired, and of several friends, plummeted her toward isolation during the prime of her life. Despite her illness, she managed to travel with her family to see life beyond her hometown of Amhurst and publish a few of her poems.

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