School of Sleuths (Paperback)

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He was at the end of the hallway.The stillness of him is what I remember most.I didn't catch him midstride or walking away.He was just standing and looking at me. As if he'd always known I'd be there.Silent. Perfectly silhouetted in the dead center of the hallway. And then he ran, directly at me.

They are the Shadow Guild. Or maybe they are The Academics. Or, on second thought, they might be BrainForce. That's all still up for debate. But one thing is certain: Marshall, Quinn, Malcolm, and Brigham are a teenage-detective team on a mission. And that mission is to uncover the mysterious motives behind Marshall's late-night mugging at Carter High School.

It's a dangerous investigation that leads the normally rule-following, RPG-obsessed, straight-A honor students into a dark, crime-filled underworld that brings about an entirely new and unexpected question: Will they actually survive? And will they have to break curfew in the process?

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ISBN: 9781665306461
ISBN-10: 1665306467
Publisher: Booklogix
Publication Date: November 30th, 2023
Pages: 322
Language: English