The Anti-Communist Manifesto (Hardcover)

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A rallying cry striking at the roots of today’s major issues, Jesse Kelly uses his trademark bombast, intelligence, and humor to take down the most dangerous philosophy in history and address its resurgence in America. The Anti-Communist Manifesto is for anyone who feels alienated by political and popular culture in the United States and recognizes the danger of communism as it threatens to rip apart America’s social fabric.

Discover a fresh look at the daily assault on our freedoms from the insidious communist movement in this country. More than a political statement, this book is an insightful drive through history, philosophy, and current events with one of the most entertaining and fearless conservatives in America at the wheel.

From weaponizing race, sex, and gender to hijacking our schools, communism threatens to destroy our cherished American way of life. Featuring practical tools and tactics to not only identify communists but also defend the United States from this malicious enemy, The Anti-Communist Manifesto is an instructive guide for all patriots.

About the Author

Jesse Kelly, a veteran and former Congressional candidate, hosts Premiere Network’s The Jesse Kelly Show and First TV’s I’m Right with Jesse Kelly. The Anti-Communist Manifesto is his first book. Follow him on Twitter @JesseKellyDC.

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ISBN: 9781668010877
ISBN-10: 1668010879
Publisher: Threshold Editions
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Pages: 336
Language: English