Toddler Discipline Without drama: Effective Ways To Calm And Raise Confident Kids (Paperback)

Toddler Discipline Without drama: Effective Ways To Calm And Raise Confident Kids By Sarah Liam Cover Image
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Now you can raise and discipline a toddler peacefully. Easily connect with your toddler through discipline

It's not easy raising a child with strong emotions and a limited language. Particularly if this is your first toddler, the two of you are always learning and developing together, as each day brings new difficulties and accomplishments.

This toddlers discipline book is the perfect resource for remaining calm and positive while parenting your kid. Discover simple exercises and real-life examples that can help you stock your parenting toolkit with effective solutions for those difficult toddler times.

The Toddler Discipline without drama includes the following:

Advice for any situation Find fast ideas on everything from sleep routines to time-outs to having a good playmate.
Stage-by-stage development
Learn how to introduce, alter, or phase out tactics depending on your child's development during the toddler years.
A positive parenting approach
Practice firmly and successfully using these approaches in the manner that work best for your family.
Consolation and inspiration Consult this book if you want guidance or just some confidence that you and your kid are doing everything possible.

Raise a more well-behaved child with the help of this encouraging advice on dealing with kid dramas.


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ISBN: 9798761185234
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 7th, 2021
Pages: 96
Language: English