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A Romance for Every Reader

A Romance for Every Reader

Whether you’re new to the romance genre or an old hat, chances are you’ve read and enjoyed a good love story at some point in your life. I love this genre for its timeless element of human connection and the happy escapism of a satisfying ending. While the Romance genre has always been well read, it’s currently enjoying a resurgence of popularity, with publishers recognizing the genre as more than a guilty pleasure. There are so many authors of diverse backgrounds to choose from it can almost be overwhelming. Good thing our staff has many romance readers who can help show you the way!

If You Like This, Try This: Kids' Classics Edition

Don’t know where to start with kids' books these days? No worries! We’ve got you covered with a list of your favorite classics paired with modern titles to help you find some great, new reads for the young readers in your life. These newer books tackle a lot of the same themes and storylines as the classics but with fresh twists and more diverse perspectives.

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