David Goodman with Vivian McPeak — 'An American Cannabis Story'

An American Cannabis Story details the backstory and methods of Puffin Farm in Ellensburg, Washington—one of America’s first legal-cannabis pioneers—and swings open the gate onto the previously unseen world of the blossoming American weed culture.

Third Place Books welcomes photographer and author David Goodman to our Seward Park store! Goodman will be discussing his new book An American Cannabis Story, an in-depth look at the cannabis industry’s wholesome new attitude, packed with stunning images, and filled with the hopes and dreams of today’s new green entrepreneurs. He will be joined in conversation by activist and writer Vivian McPeak. This event is free and open to the public.

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About An American Cannabis Story. . .

The reversal of marijuana laws and the outright legalization of pot in a growing number of states has converted cannabis cultivation from a clandestine, backwoods operation into a mainstream, multi-billion-dollar agricultural business. An American Cannabis Story details the backstory and methods of Puffin Farm—one of America’s first legal-cannabis pioneers—and swings open the gate onto the previously unseen world of the blossoming American weed culture. With unprecedented exclusive access, author and photographer David Goodman reveals the never-before-seen world of America’s “Green Rush” in words and stunning photos. An American Cannabis Story will forever change the way you see and understand cannabis.

Welcome to Puffin Farm, one of Washington state’s first legitimate canna-businesses and the brainchild of growers Jade Stefano and Ben Short, the couple at the center of this cannabis adventure and the driving force behind some of the world’s purest organic, top-quality weed.

Open the book and discover detailed first person texts and jaw-droppingly beautiful photographs of the behind-the-scenes cultivation, extraction, and processing of the finest grade, sun-grown, organic cannabis on the market. This is not your average cannabis farm, and Goodman makes that point by taking you deep into the operations of this Sun+Earth Certified grower. Unlike the backwoods pot field operations of yore, Goodman’s photographs of the sweeping, sun-drenched fields and gorgeous up-close plant studies provide a surprisingly wholesome view into modern American organic cannabis cultivation.

A first-of-its-kind book, An American Cannabis Story explores the founders’ odyssey, beginning when they met in high school at the tender age of fourteen, and shows how the pair went on to develop multi-award-winning techniques and skills that led them to become among the most respected cannabis growers in the USA.

Thanks to Goodman’s close relationship with these cannabis pioneers, the reader is privy to everything that goes into the cultivation of cannabis as Goodman trains his lens on all the goings-on at the farm, as well as on the proud young farm workers, following a full-season-crop’s progress from seed to cure. Further chapters cover the processes that go into the making of all the various cannabis products, with beautifully detailed photo spreads of the manufacture of bubble hash, vaping oil, rosin, and pre-roll joints, among others.

An American Cannabis Story is an in-depth look at the cannabis industry’s wholesome new attitude, packed with stunning images, and filled with the hopes and dreams of today’s new green entrepreneurs.


Praise for An American Cannabis Story. . .

“Goodman offers a behind-the-scenes look at cultivation, extraction, and processing through stunning imagery and in-depth interviews.”
High Times Magazine

David Goodman spent more than four years photographing and documenting everything that goes on at Puffin Farm, one of the country’s first legal cannabis growers, located in Ellensburg, Washington. An American Cannabis Story is his in-depth, behind-the-scenes look into sustainable cannabis cultivation in the Pacific Northwest. A self-taught photographer, Goodman’s works have appeared in Vogue Magazine, Huffington Post, The Advocate, High Times Magazine, and The New York Times. Of course, it’s been a long and varied trip—his other careers have included actor, director, studio photographer, and fashion designer.

Vivian McPeak is a Seattle-based social justice activist, media personality, and writer. Vivian spent nearly three decades as the president of Seattle Events, a Non-Profit Organization, and producer of the Seattle Hempfest, the world’s largest annual cannabis policy reform rally. The recipient of the High Times Magazine 2012 Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award and Dope Magazine 2016 Emery Award for lifetime achievement, in 2016, Vivian was named one of the “50 Most Influential People” by Seattle Magazine. Vivian has appeared on numerous television and cable news networks, including FOX News, CNN, & NBC. McPeak is the host of Hempresent, a weekly radio podcast on Cannabis Radio with listeners on multiple continents.

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