David Moinina Sengeh with Hanson Hosein — 'Radical Inclusion: Seven Steps to Help You Create a More Just Workplace, Home, and World'

An inspiring young leader’s moving call to action for anyone who seeks to make the world a better place—and the first title from Melinda French Gates’s imprint Moment of Lift Books.

Third Place Books welcomes David Moinina Sengeh for a discussion of his new book, Radical Inclusion: Seven Steps to Help You Create a More Just Workplace, Home, and World. Moinina Sengeh offers readers a road map for pursuing radical inclusion in their own lives and work—from identifying exclusions, to building coalitions and adapting to a new normal. He will be joined in conversation by Hanson Hosein. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

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About Radical Inclusion. . .

As the newly appointed minister of education in Sierra Leone, David Moinina Sengeh assumed that the administration he served—not to mention his family and friends—shared his conviction that all girls belong in the classroom. He was shocked to learn that many of those closest to him, including a member of his own family, were against lifting a long-standing policy banning pregnant girls from school.

Radical Inclusion is the dramatic narrative of Sengeh’s drive to guarantee pregnant girls’ right to an education. His story functions as a parable that can help us all advocate for change by reimagining the systems that perpetuate exclusion.

The specifics of his efforts in Sierra Leone are captivating, and the lessons Sengeh shares are universal. In addition to the candid account of his quest for reform, he offers stories and perspective from other parts of his life, drawing on his experiences encountering racial profiling as a Harvard student, developing cutting-edge prosthetic limbs at MIT, and working to combat algorithmic bias as a data scientist.

His book is essential reading for modern leaders or anyone who hopes to help unleash the power of a world that is truly, radically inclusive.


Praise for Radical Inclusion. . .

“Many talk about inclusion, but only dwell in the hope and dream of it. David Moinina Sengeh lives in the active pursuit of a just society. Deftly chronicling the experiences and study that have shaped him, he shows us, with a poet’s heart and a scientist’s mind how to genuinely practice radical inclusion. This book is a master class in innovation and human transformation. Like Fanon and the great African thinkers before him, he has written a rich and practical textbook for advocates, activists, and allies in the struggle for freedom and equality.” 
—Kwame Alexander, author of The Door of No Return

"Because we are hardwired for belonging, exclusion will always create suffering – and not just for the excluded. Injustice eventually corrodes everyone’s sense of safety and wellbeing. Using stories and examples, David Moinina Sengeh presents seven principles for radical inclusion that are as actionable as they are powerful. The commitment to intentional and persistent action presented in this book is exactly how we create a more just and loving world." 
—Brené Brown, PhD, MSW, author of Dare to Lead

“This illuminating book lays bare the ways in which exclusion affects all of us  and it demonstrates the transformative power of empathy, courage, and authenticity. In a world where inclusion and representation remain radical ideas, we need more visionary leaders like David Moinina Sengeh." 
—Darren Walker, President of Ford Foundation

“In this intensely moving and powerful book, David Moinina Sengeh offers his wisdom and insights into how to be more inclusive and equitable in our daily lives. Radical Inclusion inspires readers to follow Sengeh's guidance at home and at work.” 
—Anna Malaika Tubbs, author of The Three Mothers

David Moinina Sengeh is the minister of basic and senior secondary education and chief innovation officer for the government of Sierra Leone. He holds a bachelor’s and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Harvard College and MIT respectively. He is a TED Fellow, WEF Young Global Leader, Obama Foundation Leaders Africa Fellow and was included on the 2013 Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Sengeh serves as Chairman of the Global Education Monitoring Report to UNESCO. Radical Inclusion is his first book. (Photo credit: Grace Kargobai)

Hanson Hosein is a trusted convener and education leader. He is President of HRH Media Group LLC, a creative strategy firm, and founded the Communication Leadership graduate program at the University of Washington (UW). As an early practitioner of multimedia storytelling, Hanson worked as an NBC News Emmy and Overseas Press Club award-winning journalist in the Middle East and Balkans, a solo TV war correspondent for MSNBC and CBC in the Persian Gulf, and a documentary director whose "Independent America" films were streamed and broadcast worldwide. Later at the UW, he was recognized as Seattle's "Most Influential," engaging publicly with the region's leaders on-camera and on-stage. In this moment of turbulence and transformation, he works with the chief executives of UW Continuum College, Iterable, the Children's Home Society of Washington, and Foot Soldiers Park in Selma, Alabama. Hanson co-hosts the podcast "Learn/Earn/Re-Learn" and is the host of Microsoft’s internal podcast, “Unscripted.” His “Wind Rose Declaration: 16 Tenets for Real-Time Leadership” guides these present endeavors. Hanson has law degrees from McGill University and the University of Paris, and a master's in journalism from Columbia University.

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