Eli Francovich with Tyler Tjomsland — 'The Return of Wolves: An Iconic Predator’s Struggle to Survive in the American West'

The dramatic story of the return of wolves to Washington state, and the fight to promote peaceful coexistence between cattle ranchers and conservationists.


Third Place Books welcomes local journalist Eli Francovich to our Ravenna store! He will be joined in conversation by photojournalist Tyler Tjomsland to discuss The Return of Wolves: An Iconic Predator’s Struggle to Survive in the American Westa book of on-the-ground reporting on the conflict between conservationists, ranchers, and an iconic predator—and the solution that might appease them all. This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required in advance.

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About The Return of Wolves. . .

The gray wolf has made an astonishing comeback in Washington. Nearly eradicated by the 1990s, conservationists and environmentalists have cheered its robust return to the state over the last two decades. But Washington ranchers are not so joyous. When wolves prey on livestock, ranchers view their livelihood as under attack.

In The Return of Wolves, journalist Eli Francovich investigates how we might mend this divide while keeping wolf populations thriving. He finds an answer in the time-honored tradition of range riding and one passionate range rider, Daniel Curry, who has jumped directly into the fray by patrolling the rural Washington landscape on horseback. Curry engages directly with farmers, seeking to protect livestock from wolves while also protecting and proliferating wolf populations. In The Return of Wolves, we meet an eclectic cast of players—local ranchers, politicians, environmentalists, and everyday folks caught in the middle—and find hope for the future of wolves, and perhaps for our divided nation.


Praise for The Return of Wolves. . .

“A solidly reported work that captures the nuance of wildlife conservation in the midst of political division.”
Library Journal

“With keen observations and engaging writing, Francovich's balanced account concludes that compromise is the only way to ensure the future of wolves—and our planet.”

The Return of the Wolves goes beyond the story of repopulating a sometimes romanticized, sometimes demonized, animal back to the wild in Washington. It’s also a story about how policymakers, activists and those who live “out there” can alienate one another by living in their own echo chambers.”
—The Spokes-Man Review

“Through compelling descriptions of adventures in the wild — tracking wolves in the snow, a tension-filled encounter with a wolfpack, a CSI-worthy post-mortem on a deer carcass — Francovich deftly explores the return of wolves from multiple perspectives.”

Eli Francovich is a journalist who covers the environment, conservation and outdoor recreation in Washington for the Spokesman-Review, the state's second-largest newspaper. His work has been published in the Seattle Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Miami Herald, the Charlotte Observer, and elsewhere. He lives in Spokane, Washington. (Photo credit: Tyler Tjomsland)

Tyler Tjomsland has served as a staff photojournalist at The Spokesman-Review since 2012. Before joining The Spokesman-Review, Tjomsland honed his craft with some of the country’s best photojournalists during internships at: The St. Petersburg Times (Tampa Bay Times), The Oregonian, The Kalamazoo Gazette and The Longview Daily News. He graduated from Washington State University in 2010, where he studied print journalism and English.

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