Jeffrey D. Briggs - Out of the Cold Dark Sea

Alone on a pier in the predawn rain, Martha Whitaker waits in vain for her long-time friend and mentor, Hewitt Wilcox. Martha must navigate secrets new and old to clear her name and discover what’s happened to her missing friend. Before anyone else is killed. Resourceful, strong, and steeled by inner wounds, she's joined by a crusading journalist, who believes Hewitt's disappearance may reveal ugly secrets about a chapter of American history. Together they're drawn into a sinister world of forgery, murder, and betrayal, and Martha is forced to confront her own dark past, where violence provided primal justice.

Jeffrey D. Briggs, a writer and journalist, has been writing about the Seattle waterfront since he moved onto his sailboat thirty years ago. He now lives on land with his wife and dog and can often be found on the shores of Puget Sound, wondering what secrets lie hidden beneath those cold waters. "Out of the Cold Dark Sea" is his debut novel, the first book of his Seattle Waterfront Mystery series.
Over the past 30 years, Jeffrey has been exploring the Seattle waterfront and writing about it. He has published over 350 magazine articles in regional and national magazines, and been the editor of a local boating magazine. He honed his writing and editing skills working as a writer and contributing editor for the Seattle-based 48° North and as a stringer for the Associated Press. He has published two nonfiction books, "Confessions of a Liveaboard" and "SoundWatch: An Environmental Guide for Boaters," both now long out of print.
A long-time resident of Seattle, Washington, he took a detour in life and moved to Rochester, Minn., in 2011 where he became a biomedical science writer for Mayo Clinic, and got to preview all his future diseases. He also got to shovel many varieties of snow and experience his first Polar Vortex. Realizing his mistake when he could no longer see out his office window because of snow drifts, he returned home to the Pacific Northwest in 2017, dropping anchor in Richmond Beach, a beachfront community just north of Seattle on the shores of Puget Sound.