Michael Sampson presents 'The Story of Ukraine: An Anthem of Glory and Freedom'

A reading for all ages: Ukraine is rich with history and resources, culture and people, but most of all, in spirit!


Third Place Books welcomes Michael Sampson, the co-author of The Story of Ukraine: An Anthem of Glory and Freedom with Olena Kharchenko, illustrated by Polina Doroshenko! A wonderful bilingual picture book, The Story of Ukraine walks young readers through each culturally-significant line of the Ukrainian national anthem, providing details of Ukraine's land and life. This event is free and open to the public. Young readers welcome!

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About The Story of Ukraine. . .

There is a lot to learn about Ukraine, and one of the best places to start is their national anthem. The lyrics of this once-forbidden song carry deep meaning for many Ukrainians, and are full of passion, strength, and determination, inspiring them to keep their country protected and free. The Story of Ukraine walks readers through each culturally-significant line, providing details of Ukraine's land and life. Presented in English and Ukrainian, this book by Olena Kharchenko and Michael Sampson, and illustrated by Polina Doroshenko, gives readers of all ages the opportunity to learn more about this mighty and proud nation in Europe. Glory to Ukraine!


Praise for The Story of Ukraine. . .

"A fervent celebration of Ukraine, Kharchenko and Sampson’s dual-language picture book offers a heartfelt introduction to the 'multi-ethnic, multi-language and multicultural country' through the lens of its national anthem... 'Blue is the bright, peaceful, cloudless Ukrainian sky. Yellow is the symbol of its golden wheat fields.' These hues also prove a unifying thread through Doroshenko’s layered, folklore-style artwork."
—Publishers Weekly

The Story of Ukraine: An Anthem of Glory and Freedom is written with clarity and meaning. It’s filled with a plethora of bright, vibrant illustrations that illuminate the unrelenting positivity, hope, and courage for which so many Ukrainians have come to be known... Young children will learn that the impassioned endurance of the Ukrainian people dates back centuries. Admirably, they’ve been emboldened by their challenges, and youth and adults alike will find this noteworthy contribution an awe-inspiring narrative."
San Francisco Book Review

“Kids have certainly heard about Ukraine and the war raging there. Here’s a book that will help them understand the people of that country. The Story of Ukraine: An Anthem of Glory and Freedom walks readers through each line of the Ukraine national anthem while providing details of land and life in the country. Presented in English and Ukrainian, this book gives readers of all ages the opportunity to put a context around the news they hear… it is an example of how crisis in the world impacts us here at home.” 
Seattle’s Child Magazine

“Packed with insight into what makes Ukraine unique and vital. A story beautifully told!”
—Jeff Kinney, author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid series

Michael Sampson was a Fulbright Scholar to Ukraine during the Russian invasion in February, 2022, teaching elementary English. Once evacuated, he reported on his work from Poland as seen in The New York PostThe Chicago TribuneThe New York Daily NewsThe Tampa Bay TimesSchool Library Journal, The Horn Book Magazine, and NPR. He is the New York Times bestselling author of more than 40 books for children. While earning his Ph.D. in Reading at the University of Arizona during the 1970s, he met and established a lifelong friendship and professional relationship with mentor and colleague, Bill Martin Jr. Over the years, Sampson and Martin have written 21 books together, including Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?Armadillo Antics and Ten Little Squirrels, to name a few. Sampson has served as Dean to the College of Education at four universities, most recently St. John's University in New York. Visit him at his website, www.billmartinjr.com, and on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @michaelsampson.

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