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Latest Staff Picks

Cameron Bright is pretty and popular, but brutally honest. Her crappy home life is no excuse for failure so Cameron works hard and chases her goals: date crush Andrew, get an internship at her father's office, and get into the Wharton School at UPenn. But when Andrew calls her a bitch, her normal teflon-tough exterior chips. Like Katherine in Taming of the Shrew, does she need to be tamed? 


A millenial teen retelling of the film 10 Things I Hate About You that draws heavily from Shakespeare, If I'm Being Honest is crafted with thoughtful, real-world stakes. Cameron's a ringer for Blair Waldorf - and yet she genuinely learns from her mistakes and works to become a better person. Her social circle is rooted in relatable struggles like making new friends, keeping old friendships alive, being supportive, and managing conflict. She's flawed and *almost* unlikeable but the more I learned about her family dynamics, the more I rooted for her to make better choices and follow a path of her own making. 

Picked by Danielle

The best young adult dystopian trilogy of the decade, great for anyone ready to get immersed into a fantastic series.

Picked by Ashley

No need to come up with something, I have your perfect gift: book and houseplant combo! Get a cute pot, an adorable pilea or snake plant (take into consideration the recipients thumb-hue), and this fantastic book! The knowledge in here will be helpful for newbies and masters alike, and has beautiful photos and helpful illustrations on nearly every aspect of plant-parenthood.

Picked by Ashley

Expansive collection of the best work from the beloved late poet. You'll find yourself thinking about the images here long after you've read, and it will be difficult to not re-read.

Picked by Connor

You can feel the twelve years it took to create this intricate and ingenious contrivance of a comic, in which Chris Ware mines familiar themes of alienation, longing, and being a poorly socialized misfit that gets beaten up by jocks using an extraordinarily sophisticated comics syntax that rewards multiple rereadings.

Picked by Stephen

This paranormal romance series hooked me to the Romance genre once and for all. The Darkest London series follows three sisters and their various supernatural acquaintances in Victorian England. There's adventure, there's horrible deeds, there's heroes lurking in the dark - all framed by a magical investigative organization that's as old as it is secret. It's like Gail Carriger's Soulless series but with more fabled creatures and very steamy couplings. 

Picked by Danielle

I love this book because Louv doesn’t lecture the reader. The focus is not on what we might be doing wrong, but on all the ways humans and other animals have done well together—and why. It covers childhood pets, wild encounters, studies of our mutual makeup, ways of communicating, and more! If anything, this combination of diverse anecdotes and research encourages awe  and open observation when we connect with nature, and an acknowledgement of the benefits therein. 

Picked by Katelynn

As Fuller says, the stories in this book remind us that "clear minds and generous hearts are scouring the world for the fragments that might connect and heal us."


Picked by Elisabeth

I absolutely lose my mind over an immersive YA fantasy and A Winter's Promise is simply the most breathtaking, cozy, sweeping fantasy novel I've ever come across. Think the Golden Compass meets Pride and Prejudice meets Harry Potter. It's an obvious yes for the whimsical, young adult reader in your life.

Picked by Claire