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Like if George Saunders re-wrote The Monkey Wrench Game. Only, you know, better. 

Picked by Sam

One of the greatest legacies in American architecture, the Case Study House Program was a series of thirty-six prototype homes designed to marry modern design and affordability. Illustrated heavily with Julius Shulman's iconic photos of these innovative structures, Taschen's insanely affordable edition of Case Study Houses is an indispensable resource. 

Picked by Wesley

"There is no delight the equal of dread"

Clive Barker's artistic range is on full display in this toothsome collection of shorts: from haunted shrouds bent on revenge to possessed pigs, each tale is an allegory wrapped in viscera. Along with Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber', 'Books of Blood' rests atop my list when it comes to short story collections. A truly bloody affair. 

Picked by Dean

It's September, 1969, int he Brooklyn projects, The Cause, where poverty consumes the residents and rarely spits them out. Five Ends Baptist Church is a strong force within this community. One of its deacons, a kindhearted by drunken 71 year-old known as Sportcoat, shoots a young drug dealer in broad daylight before many witnesses. Stumbling off toward the rest of his day, Sportcoat eludes the law and claims not to remember a thing about shooting Deems. From this point on the spicy dialogues swirl before the reader, as people react to this unexpected act of violence. Sportcoat's reputation weighs in heavily, making clear the loyalty that poverty generates. McBride's brilliant portrait of these connected souls underline the power of words!

Picked by Jane

When Roiphe isn't unflinchingly examining her own flaws as what our society wants a woman to be, she is picking apart the very essence of femininity. Occasionally I felt skewered by the barbs she hurls heedlessly into the void, but ultimately I felt empowered to be my own flawed self and appreciate my power, be it soft, hard, or something altogether different.

Picked by Kitri

The only criticism I have of this book is that the flames on the cover art need to be bigger!!! It simply doesn't match the fiery intensity of Hong's writing. This book is an Asian American history masterclass told in 200 pages of straight fire. Must read!

Picked by Kalani

Set in the town bookstore (!!!), this friends-to-lovers romance is an emotional, dramatic ride. If you are inclined to agree that the phrase "baby fox coffee" is a loving term of endearment, this is the contemporary series you should read next. Read in or out of series order - spoilers don't detract from the wit and heart of this series.

Picked by Danielle

How we influence each other every day! Maya Duran, an Istanbul University administrator, meets Max Wagner, an elderly German Catholic who returns to Istanbul to bring closure to his past. An unexpected story of deep love unfolds amid glimpses of Turkish political, cultural, and religious life. It’s easy to see why Livanelli is one of Turkey’s most popular writers and cultural figures.

Picked by Elisabeth

This is a wonderfully shameless story that I wish was around when I was in school. Period. 

The characters are relatable and diverse, the social situations are true to life, and the use of social media formats to share facts from women's history is clever and well done. Schneemann opens up an important discussion here, in many shades of red, and I can't wait to see how her characters will continue to inspire change. 

Picked by Katelynn