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A Deadly Education: A Novel (The Scholomance #1) By Naomi Novik Cover Image
ISBN: 9780593128503
Availability: On our shelves now at one or more of our stores
Published: Del Rey - May 4th, 2021

Did Harry Potter make you long to go to Hogwarts? Could you see yourself as part of a House, making lifelong friends, wearing knitted scarves, enjoying feasts and holidays, and maybe even rubbing elbows with the Chosen One? Be warned, the Scholomance is Hogwarts deadlier cousin. A wizarding high school where every day is a battle with lethal creatures, a murderous building and 4000 other teenagers who will do anything to make it to graduation where, if they're lucky, the alliances they've made will allow them to pass the final exam and survive.

Review by Deborah

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Unnatural Magic By C. M. Waggoner Cover Image
ISBN: 9781984805843
Availability: On our shelves now at one or more of our stores
Published: Ace - November 5th, 2019

A gripping murder mystery in a smartly constructed world of magic, mages, and trolls. This multiple POV narrative chronicles the complex political and religious forces that affect ambitious student magician Onna, charming soldier Jeckran, and compassionate half-troll Tsira. The interplay of power, revenge, and zeal execute slowly but purposefully as Onna's career and Tsira's pursuit converge in wealthy city Hexos.

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Magic for Liars: A Novel By Sarah Gailey Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250174628
Availability: On our shelves now at one or more of our stores
Published: Tor Books - May 5th, 2020

If The Dresden Files and The Magicians had a book baby, this would be it. Our heroine is an ordinary private eye hired to solve a murder at a boarding school for magical teenagers. Unfortunately, it's also the school where her magical twin sister, Tabitha, works. As Ivy gets further involved in the inner workings of the school, its faculty, and its students, she questions her sanity and skill. Can she keep up appearances, find the killer, and reunite with Tabitha?

Excellent storytelling with a plot that had me guessing "whodunnit" until the last 50 pages.

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In Other Lands By Sarah Rees Brennan, Carolyn Nowak (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Sarah Rees Brennan, Carolyn Nowak (Illustrator)
Unavailable at this time.
ISBN: 9781618731203
Published: Big Mouth House - August 15th, 2017

Elliott is pretty sure magic land is awful: everyone appreciates sword fighting more than a witty comeback; his teachers at the Border School refuse to let him sensibly use a pencil instead of a quill; and even though elves, dwarves, mermaids, and harpies are real, they seem hellbent on fighting endless wars with each other. But it's better than home in the real world. And he has two best friends (if his constant rage and sarcasm don't drive them away): a warrior elf maiden, and a shy jock with a big secret. This is a smart, sweet, hilarious book that truly made me laugh out loud.

Review by Christina